Photovoltaic installation on flat sheet for 30 Kwp

30 kWp photovoltaic installation on flat sheet.

The structure of the 100 % aluminum 6060 alloy.

Warning: aluminum structure expands approx 1mm / 1ml and needed a fixed point and next ones mobile points ! Otherwise aluminum structure will have high pressure on just fixed joints.

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LED lighting technology

LED lighting technology


LED is a semiconductor diode that emits light. In general, an electric circuit accompanies LED-based light sources. LED was used first as indicator in the electronic devices, but with technological progress came more and more into our lives, now using as the illumination source. The color of the light emitted depends on the composition and condition of the semiconducting material which is composed. LEDs are used in infrared and ultraviolet visible. The yield of light sources is measured ...

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Metal structure houses

Metal structure houses


Due to a variety of benefits, now more began to build homes on metal structure.

Light steel structure houses can be achieved at relatively low cost, with high economic efficiency.

Due to high durability and resistance over time, steel frame homes are superior to those traditionally built of brick or wood.

Light steel structures houses are built quickly because construction technology, namely using metal profiles that substantially reduce the execution time.

Making metal constructions knows no season, work can begin / end ...

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Gas Turbines

Construction of the necessary structures and facilities closures for gas turbines with installed capacity up to 300 MW.

Sale of gas cogeneration plants .

Turbine dual, gas and diesel with outputs of up to 300 MW.

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Glasshouse facade

Glasshouse with steel structure covered with 16 mm thickness policarbonate. Steel structure is hot deep galvanized and made from C, Z and L profiles.

Snow load resistance is 250 kg/m2

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Photovoltaic house roof

Fixing system of photovoltaic panels for ceramic tiles

Aluminium components alloy 6060

High tensile fasteners fixed into roof frame.

Installed power: 10 KWp

Location: Ploiesti

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