Steel Buildings and Metallic Constructions

Construction Company Rufy Roof Engineering Ltd sets the industry standard in performance and technical innovation in the field of metal construction. Rufy Roof Engineering offers unrivaled expertise and specializes in metal building systems designed, developed and implemented in-house.

We have built our reputation by using the highest quality products, innovative solutions and professional services for a wide range of projects.

Rufy Roof Engineering has capabilities and local expertise to meet the unique needs of metal structures tailored to each region of Europe.

In this webpage we present the metallic constructions made by Rufy Roof Engineering through the development and introduction of new techniques and technologies and the completion of many projects with difficult and demanding technically challenging.


Steel Buildings – activation domains


Industrial steel structures galvanised, corrosion or fire protected


Constructive solutions for homes made with galvanized steel structure with high resistance to earthquake


Achievement of professional structures for greenhouses  to grow vegetables , fruits and flowers


Steel structures for photovoltaic systems on ground, roofs or parking areas



Technical advice , economic and commercial.


Projects phase DTAC, DTOE, PT and DDE, approved on MLPAT


Free delivery for goods in Romania


Mounting and installation with turnkey solutions !