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Riverclack® – LARGE-SCALE ROOFING SYSTEMS – Complete Systems for Airports

The Company founded in 1964, we have been pioneers in metal roofing for 5 decades now. Our unrivalled levels of experience and know-how are the driving force behind the Riverclack® system. Riverclack was originally developed in Verona, Italy nearly 30 years ago and, thanks to its unique design properties has grown into an internationally renowned system. No matter where your project is located, our global network of partners is ready to help.

Riverclack® is the leading standing seam metal roofing specialist for large-scale projects. The flexibility and high performance levels of the system make it the perfect solution for airports, warehouses and stadiums.

SOLAR PV SOLUTIONS Help save the environment and save money at the same time! Integrate a solar PV system into your Riverclack® roof and instantly cut your electricity bills! We offer a range of crystalline and thin-film solar panels tailored to your personal requirements.


As a long life, low maintenance system with rapid installation, Riverclack® is a cost effective solution for large and small-scale projects alike.

Select metals such as aluminum, copper and stainless steel are used in combination with the roof system’s own inherent reliability. All metals are 100% recyclable.

Installation is quick and easy and there is no need for pre-assembly of the clips.

The Riverclack® “secret fix” locking system makes no perforations anywhere on the roof surface and allows for free thermal expansion of the panels.

With probably the highest self-bending capabilities of any structural standing seam system, Riverclack® panels can self-curve down to a minimum radius of 25m (0.7mm mill-finish aluminum), thereby removing the extra costs of machine curving work.

Thanks to the temper of the metals used, it is possible to walk on the panels after installation without creating any permanent deflection, even after countless heavy-footed trips across their surface.

Thanks to its unique gasket-free drainage joint, the roof system is watertight even when completely submerged in water.

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