Houses for holiday and for living

Modular construction of houses based on galvanized steel structure. Lightweight steel frame buildings are designed to share maximum height of 8 meters corresponds to a house: ground + first floor + mezzanine. Resistance structure of the house is adapted to the severe conditions in Romania for earthquake, snow and wind.

We are able to produce beneficiaries house developed projects or those developed by our company. The designed structure is required to be approved (MLPAT) by the manufacturer of metal structure for the house. Architecture project can be done by the customer or by the architect’s of our company for any type of classic or modern home.

The house lightweight structure can be prepared in different levels: steel structure; semi finished house or completely finished house. House prices are directly related to architecture, elevation height, interior and exterior finishes and the quality of the installations.

The advantages of metal-framed houses:

  • higher life expectancy than classical buildings;
  • superior earthquake resistance compared with classical buildings;
  • lower costs compared to classic construction system (to be compared the same level of equipment);
  • automated home system, easy to use and energy efficient;
  • heating requirements and much lower power consumption due to lower system losses;
  • much lower execution time.

We can build any type of house you desire:

Composition details (sections):

First floor