Greenhouses with Unique Design

Greenhouse Expo-Lux

Unique design, each building is according to customer specifications. These glasshouses have polycarbonate roof and walls of min 16 mm from LOW-E glass windows with aluminum/pvc joinery. It is used for growing vegetables, flowers and exhibitions.

Natural ventilation on wall

Natural Ventilation with automatic opening, electric or manual applies to walls.

Unic Design

This type of glasshouse finishes have the highest quality, where are equipped with heating, can have function of winter garden for spending free time.


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Glasshouse facade

Glasshouse with steel structure covered with 16 mm thickness policarbonate. Steel structure is hot deep galvanized...

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Glasshouse Frame

Metallic structure for glasshouse Height at gutter: 2,5 m Height at ridge: 3,5 m Width: 14 m Length: not limited Sn...

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Hidraulic Actuators

Opening system for windows and roof , for natural ventilation. Without electricity / without manual operation = ful...

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Glasshouse roof hatch

View the glasshouse roof hatch opening for natural ventilation. Opening system 24 V motor actuator type, operated...

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