Hobby Glasshouse

Design Hobby Glasshouse
Polycarbonat 16 mm

Turnkey constructions

Hobby glasshouse help people who love gardening to extend up to a month and a half of fresh vegetables harvest season. If at the end of September, beginning of October we harvest vegetables from the last outdoors garden, within a covered surface, vegetables can be harvested by the end of November.

Before you purchase a hobby glasshouse, you must objectively analyze the real reasons for which you want this glasshouse.

If you want to expand a month during harvest vegetables to eat them fresh, construction and maintenance expenses related to a hobby glasshouses are not justified financially. In this case, a small solar tunnel covered with film is sufficient.

But if you want to “gardening” within terms of the glasshouse, including wintertime, managing carefully phased vegetable harvesting periods, a hobby glasshouse is suitable.

A hobby glasshouse can be optionally fitted with automatic irrigation moisture sensors, automatic ventilation, solar panels, gas heaters and heat pumps.

Why choose NaTura hobby glasshouse? We designed a hobby glasshouse freestanding building in your yard, a sustainable endurance building, without maintenance costs.

Steel structure is galvanized because very high humidity environment. Resistance of the steel structure parameters is calculated depending on the area where construction is placed. Optional metal structure of hobby glasshouse is calculated to allow subsequent installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the glasshouse.

The roof and walls are made of polycarbonate with minimum 16 mm thickness, this allow daylight, but retain heat inside. The polycarbonate locking system prevents heat loss to the outside.

To reduce condensation and collect it, is mounted between the roof and plants a transparent film that acts at night as additional thermal barrier.

Artificial lighting of the glasshouse is the addition of light that plants need to grow in the winter when low intensity of daylight decreases the growth rate of plants.

With NaTura hobby glasshouse, we have collected vegetables during full year!


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