Metallic constructions to grow your business.

Rufy Roof Engineering is a team of experienced professionals in construction, which provides Consultancy, Design, Architecture, Structure Design and Installation of metal buildings and concrete buildings.

You need to build a ventilated facade headquarters for your company? Need storage space? We help you develop your business by doing key turn constructions. Design and execute metal constructions, storage warehouses, production halls, halls for livestock farms, retail buildings, glasshouses and greenhouses, car service stations, car showrooms etc. We have the experience and knowledge necessary for your desires to materialize.

We are an experienced partner, which can accompany you throughout the project realization. We offer advice in all stages of the project, provide realistic assessments, avoiding overdue and budget overdraft, will help in the necessary arrangements with state institutions, will advise you to choose the materials at the optimal price without sacrificing quality.

Together we will find solutions to build cost-effective and long lasting.

Halls on galvanized steel structures

Galvanized steel halls

The galvanized steel building structure prefabricated metal profiles like Z, C, U, L, Sigma and Omega, made by cold forming, began to be used for composition of buildings structures, due to resistance and low cost.

New technologies for corrosion protection by galvanizing structures lead to increased competitiveness. Zink protection degradation is sufficiently slow and can guarantee a life expectancy of 60 years.

Available cold formed profiles (cold rolled) between 1.5-4 mm in thickness, material quality: S350 GD, S320 GD, S250 GD, zinc coating 275 g / m2 in profiles size between 75-300 mm sections. (Certificate EN 10326/2004)

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Ridge details
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Frame work
Corner detail
Galvanized fasteners


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