LED lighting technology

LED lighting technology


LED is a semiconductor diode that emits light. In general, an electric circuit accompanies LED-based light sources. LED was used first as indicator in the electronic devices, but with technological progress came more and more into our lives, now using as the illumination source. The color of the light emitted depends on the composition and condition of the semiconducting material which is composed. LEDs are used in infrared and ultraviolet visible. The yield of light sources is measured in lm / W.

(e.g. bulb 12-14 lm / W halogen bulb 20 lm / W, energy saving 40-50 lm / W LED lamp 100-160 lm / w)

EU legislation requires replacing till 2017 incandescent lighting sources and gas discharge.

Advantages of LED technology:

– Long life 20,000 – 50,000 Hours;

– Energy efficiency: 80% – 90% compared to traditional technologies (incandescent bulb), resulting in lower electricity bills;

– Environmental impact: LED bulbs do not use toxic materials and are almost 100% recyclable;

– Shock and vibration resistance: much higher than other light sources because of components that are made;

– The emission of UV rays: zero (0), as being not harmful;

– Operation in low temperature conditions: can be used at very low temperatures without problems;

– The beam: it can be redirected and does not require a reflector;

– Do not heat: does not affect the luminaire;

– White light, almost like the natural one;

– Low voltage: it can be directly used in photovoltaic cells;

– Color stability;

– Low maintenance;

– Are not affected by voltage fluctuations;

– Do not produce noise;

– Are small size;

– Does not attract insects;

– Instantaneous ignition;

– Supports many cycles on / off.


Disadvantages of LED technology:

– Light travels in one direction, but coupling several LEDs can eliminate this;

– The price of an LED device quality is higher than an incandescent bulb, and this may diminish over time through reduced cost of energy bills.

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