Metal structure houses

Metal structure houses


Due to a variety of benefits, now more began to build homes on metal structure.

Light steel structure houses can be achieved at relatively low cost, with high economic efficiency.

Due to high durability and resistance over time, steel frame homes are superior to those traditionally built of brick or wood.

Light steel structures houses are built quickly because construction technology, namely using metal profiles that substantially reduce the execution time.

Making metal constructions knows no season, work can begin / end at any time.

A metal frame house can rise in a period of 1-3 months, also having a high resistance on time – over 100 years.

These types of homes have a very good thermal and sound insulation, superior to traditional systems.

The resistance structure is made of cold-formed profiles C, Z, U thicknesses depending on surface and height. When it comes to finishing possibilities have no limits here, because of the flexibility it offered the light metal structures.

House metallic structure is the ideal choice for those who want a home with low maintenance costs and achievement, it is a modern solution for lifting with low and high reliability in time.

Due to material properties, steel structure, can achieve a wide range of models (designs, architectures).

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