Photovoltaic installation on flat sheet for 30 Kwp

30 kWp photovoltaic installation on flat sheet.

The structure of the 100 % aluminum 6060 alloy.

Warning: aluminum structure expands approx 1mm / 1ml and needed a fixed point and next ones mobile points ! Otherwise aluminum structure will have high pressure on just fixed joints.

The grip of the steel structure is designed to anchor the wooden or metal under structure of the roof.

Connection to the flat sheet is insulated with UV and high temperatures resistant EPDM elastomer.

The distance between the flat sheet and photovoltaic panels used to vent.  Summer temperature is over 50 degrees celsius under the photovoltaic panels.

For the same reason of high temperature beneath the photovoltaic panels, the cooper solar cables are special covered with vulcanized rubber, to resist temperature till 120 degree Celsius and the high variances between night and day.

The photovoltaic panels are fixed to the aluminium frame by special clips .


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