Photovoltaic Plant 10 MWp

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Photovoltaic parks – application on the ground level

We create turnkey photovoltaic parks, starting from: site development; fence; PV support structure; excavation and electrical wiring; string or central inverters fixing; installation of photovoltaic panels.

We supply steel structures for photovoltaic systems fixed to the ground.

The metallic structures can be mounted on: support of concrete, concrete foundations, concrete blocks or using galvanized metal piles driven directly in the ground.

Prior to establishing the necessary foundations for the solar park system, is made the Geotechnical studies and Piles tests. These offer the possibility to calculate precisely the resistance of the metal structure to snow, wind and seismic according to zone of construction.

Photovoltaic structures are made of galvanized steel S350, Magnelis, stainless steel or aluminum.

The fitting of photovoltaic panels on the basic structure is done with the middle of the clips made from aluminum alloy 6060, specially manufactured for this purpose.

Photovoltaic racks models:
Metal Structure with 1 pole (truss reinforced)
Metal Structure with 1 pole (double truss reinforced)
Metal Structure with two poles (optional truss )
Metal structure with two equal poles and triangular housing. This system offers the most resistant solution available on the market.

Available materials supplies:
Magnelis® and galvanised steel S350 ZN275
Stainless Steel A2 and A4
Aluminium alloy 6060

technical and economic
project approval
assembly and installation
maintenance and operations


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Models of available ground mounting structures:

Ground Mounting Photovoltaic Galvanised Structures Models – South Orientation

Ground Mounting Photovoltaic Galvanised Structures Models – Est West Orientation


Accomplished sites: