Photovoltaic systems mounted on the ground

Models of photovoltaic modules installation (pdf)

Horizontal oriented panels (very fast assembly)

Vertical oriented panels (for low shading areas)

Panels oriented horizontally with rotation (no need for cleaning)

Available materials for metal structure support of photovoltaic panels:

Magnelis® and factory galvanised S350GD
Stainless Steel A4
Aluminiu alloy 6063



Structure oriented details
– structure design for one table size or more size
– structure test
– structure sample
– poles for test ramming to ground
– static report
– ramming dept calculation raport (we need geostudy or/and ramming test)
– shadow calculation
– layout for pv park
– ramming info for installators

PV park turnkey
– Construction of photovoltaic park, delivery of materials and installation of Rufy Roof Engineering personnel and equipment.

Metallic structure
– Design of the metallic structure according to EUROCOD and norms, execution and assembly of the metal structure supporting photovoltaic panels on the ground.

Photovoltaic panels, perimeter fence, lighting poles, guard houses, video surveillance cameras
– Delivery and installation of photovoltaic park materials.

Operation and maintenance
– Personnel specializing in photovoltaic park maintenance, personnel operating renewable energy production activity.



Photovoltaic structure for 6 horizontally mounted panels:

System overview 6 Horizontal mounted panels:

System installation manual 6 panels mounted horizontally:

Photovoltaic structure for 2 panels mounted horizontally or vertically:

System overview 2 panels mounted vertically:

System installation manual 2 panels mounted vertically:

Photovoltaic plant Germany

10 MWp photovoltaic park Germany – 6 horizontal panels

design, layout, delivery, installation, maintenance

Photovoltaic Plant Romania

Photovoltaic Park 1 MWp Romania – 2 horizontal panels

design, layout, delivery, installation, maintenance


Photovoltaic panels on metallic structure in the field – Turnkey photovoltaic park
Ground photovoltaic parks – the production of photovoltaic electricity, a future opportunity that in 2013 had an impressive ascension and became an area of ​​interest for a wide range of investors. Among the reasons for the increased interest in investing in the production of electricity using photovoltaic panels are: the granting by 2021 of a legally regulated number, of green certificates for electric power producers using photovoltaic panels, the promise of fixing the competent authorities of a minimum price ensured by purchasing electricity produced by photovoltaic panels or even the opportunity to invest in the energy field, a field with vast developmental sides, where the initial investment is recovered in a very short timeframe compared to other domains activity.
Even if it is considered that the level of maximum interest reached the peak in Romania, the investment in the production of photovoltaic electric power in the field continues to be a constant interest of the big investors with tradition in the development of photovoltaic ground parks .
Rufy Roof Engineering produces turn-key photovoltaic parks both in Romania and in countries such as Germany, Hungary, Poland, England, etc., starting from: site organization, perimeter fence and gateway installation, lighting poles, metal structure supporting photovoltaic panels , drilling and installation of electrical cables, fixing of string or central inverters, installation of photovoltaic panels on metal structure, CCTV.
Electrical connections and connection are carried out by the Rufy Roof Engineering partners, authorized by ANRE (for Romanian installations).

The metal structure supports photovoltaic panels – design, execution, delivery and installation.
Rufy Roof Engineering provides the metal structure for ground-mounted photovoltaic panels. The metal structure is mounted on: concrete supports, concrete foundations, concrete sleepers, or metallic galvanized metallic piles rammed directly into the ground with ramming machines like Gayk, Pauselly, Turkey. Prior to establishing the foundation system required for the execution of a photovoltaic park, the Geotechnical Study and Pilot Tests are conducted, traction and pushing. These studies and tests offer the possibility of accurately calculating the resistance of the metal structure to supporting photovoltaic panels to snow, wind and earthquake for the construction site. Resistance metal structure is calculated according to possible climatic changes, within 25 years, as long as the effective operation period registered by photovoltaic panels is ensured.
The metal structure for supporting photovoltaic panels is made of galvanized steel S350GD, Magnelis, stainless steel or aluminum.
The system of fixing photovoltaic panels on the base metal structure is made with the help of the middle clips and aluminum clips 6063, specially made for fixing photovoltaic panels and galvanized screws. They are equipped with an element for delimiting the panel frame and galvanized structure, to avoid galvanic corrosion.

Static documentation we prepare with specialised companies. For German market we have special proof – click here for details.

Photovoltaic panels – delivery and mounting on metallic ground support structure.
Rufy Roof Engineering delivers photovoltaic panels manufactured by leading manufacturers with an emphasis on quality, efficiency and proven effectiveness over time. Prices of modules start at 0,28 euro/watt for 240-270 W panels or 0,32 euro/watt for the 320 W panel for minimum 60 MW/order (19% VAT is added for RO deliveries).  The product warranty is provided directly by the manufacturer of photovoltaic panels. Acquisition and delivery can be ensured directly from the photovoltaic panel manufacturer, and Rufy Roof Engineering mounts these photovoltaic panels on the metal ground support structure.
In the alternative, Rufy Roof Engineering delivers the perimeter fence needed to house a photovoltaic park, photovoltaic park gates, photovoltaic park lighting, LED lights, surveillance cameras needed for photovoltaic park, personal security guard. The delivered products can be mounted on request by Rufy Roof Engineering teams.

Ground photovoltaic park – maintenance and operation
After the completion and commissioning of the photovoltaic park, the presence in the photovoltaic park of the Rufy Roof Engineering staff ensures the regular checking of the state of the photovoltaic power generation equipment. The Rufy Roof Engineering teams perform quick repairs in case of a malfunction, removal of vegetation, cleaning of photovoltaic panels.


Structures 2018 – 2019 details and dimensions (pdf)

Orientation to South:

Orientation Est – West:

the east-west orientation of the modules occupies a smaller space on the ground, does not require the shading area and can be installed in the medium with 60% higher power. the production loss does not exceed 3% compared to the south-facing panels.



Structure prices starting with 59 Euro / KW+ALU clamps (min. 1MWp) – using the latest technologies – Request Offer!



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