Cold rolled galvanized profiles

Galvanized profile with section Z, C, U, L, Sigma and Omega according to DIN EN 10346 and EN 10326/2004, CE certificate and Declaration of Conformity.

Material quality is high strength steel S350 GD; S320 GD; S250 GD, galvanized with 275 gr / m2. We can deliver Magnelis galvanized steel and stainless steel A2 and A4.
Material thickness: 1.00 to 4.00 mm;
Delivery in very short term;
Competitive prices.



  • Usage

    Galvanized profiles of Z, C, U, L, Sigma and Omega are used in construction and serve as:

    – Metallic poles and elements to support roofs and ventilated facades;

    – Lightweight steel structures for buildings, constructions, metal buildings, houses , apartment houses, sunshades and glasshouses.

  • Production

    The profiles are manufactured from galvanized coils on machines with continuous rolling and for small items in bending machine type upkant. These profiles are available in perforated version too. Various diameters , do it by punching system following project drawing details, greatly facilitating installation on site. Available lengths are between 1-13 m. Material thickness ranges from 1.00 to 4.00 mm.

  • Advantages
    The prefabricated sections are mounted extremely easy and in very short time on site.

    – Labor charges are among the lowest;

    – Profiles are much cheaper than another solution such as hot rolled profiles;

    – Technical solutions with cold rolled covers a very wide range of uses;

    – Extremely short delivery time;

    – High resistance to corrosion by zinc coating of 275 g / m2;

    – Possibility delivery in Magnelis and stainless steel varieties.

  • Types

    We deliver the most used models profiles such as Z, C, U, L, Sigma and Omega

    Z-e1416927327504 C-e1416927382251 U-e1416927409393 Sigma-e1416927434685


Technical details (printable):


Described profiles are manufactured in Romania and supplied to export with CE certificate, Declaration of Conformity and ISO Certificates.

Minimum order quantity is 5000 kg.

Offer request for galvanized profiles

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