Solar Photovoltaic Parking Constructions

Hot dip galvanized steel structure
Custom Design. Clear height of 4 m for truck access.
Ultimate roof design with green electricity production capability.

Parking solar photovoltaic system described is built by our company totally. We design and manufacture all types of Solar Car Park and Solar Carport  Canopies.  Parking spaces are design by European standards (ex. normes 2.5 x 15 m).

Width parking place is determined based on the angle to the access path (from 2.20 to 2.5 m). Details: Norms P 132-93 Standard for the design of car parking lots in urban areas and NP 24-97 Standard for the design, construction and operations for car parks.

EPA Report – European Parking Association – “Scope of Parking in Europe” EPA REPORT 1,5Mb pdf (EN)

Photovoltaic effect details: Wiki

The main advantages of photovoltaic parking:

  • Electricity production to become energy independent, to balance existing consumption and deliver energy surplus to the network grid;
  • Terms of use is 25 years. Photovoltaic panels have linear warranty for a period of 25 years;
  • Short term investment pays off and virtually become green energy producer;
  • Direct supply electricity to electric and hybrid cars;
  • Cars benefit from the roof that provides sun protection, protection from hail and snow removal. Ideal system where companies sales car and showroom.
  • Public and private parking are an additional source of profit due to the production of electricity

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