Metallic construction systems to increase your business


Rufy Roof Engineering Ltd Company is a team of experienced professionals in construction field, which provides: Technical and Economical services; Plan and Design services; Deliver of top class products; and Installation in the frame of the European Norms and concurring client requirements.

Do you want to build a modern ventilated facade headquarters for your company? You need storage place with galvanized steel frame? We help you grow your business. We design and build metal constructions, concrete constructions, storage warehouses, production halls, showrooms, retail buildings, halls for livestock farms, glasshouses and greenhouses, car service stations, car showrooms etc. We have the experience and knowledge necessary for your wishes to materialize.

We can accompany you through the complete project steps. We offer advice at all stages of the project: provide realistic evaluations; avoiding overdue and budget overdraft; help in the necessary arrangements with state institutions; to help you choose the best materials at a lower price without sacrificing quality; and there where appropriate, advise you to obtain the necessary financing for the project.

Together we will find cost-effective solutions to build up your projects.


Company Details:

Rufy Roof Engineering S.R.L.

Floreasca Cube – Business Center
Calea Floreasca, No.169, Corp X, et. 1, Office 14B
București, România

Mobil phone:+40726.676.633
Land phone:+40371.077.111
Land phone:+40217.964.762


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